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Light Language Photo Design Studio

Light Language Photo Design Studio

Film ProductionAdvertising/PromotionsPhotographers/Photo Finishing/Framing

About Us

Lisa Rodriguez has been capturing images since 1983, working extensively throughout the southwest.


Lisa Rodriguez, owner and operator of Light Language Studios is committed to the notion that a portrait is a work of art. Each person is a special and unique individual with special attributes and different looks.

The most common thread that weaves us all together is that we are one. We are people. Light Language Studios invites you to entertain the notion of a portrait, be it on location or in a created studio.


Light Language Studios recognizes a sense of place is something that ''comes with the territory.'' More often than not, a place in our memory holds onto us for many reasons. A sense of identity about a place comforts us and makes us almost instantly recall what we saw, felt, and heard.


We all have them, or at least we all want them.

Light Language Studios can help you with any photographic documentation of your things, be it for publication, insurance, presentation, or posterity.

The need for photographing things is so wide-ranged. Our studio can photograph your fine art piece, or your most valuable archival photo.

Everybody's ''things'' are different, and we can help you take good care of them.


  • -Sanctioned NM film Liaison, endorsed by the City of Gallup
  • -Certified AFCI Member, Representing the City of Gallup
  • -Sundance Film Member, supported by PSA from The City of Gallup
  • New Mexico Film Office Website >>>>>


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